Second Hand Smoke

lots of notes

they cruise once they drop us off were at the edge of the mere we arrive at carnath roadhouse. walled fort the cult have stored their loot in a werehouse we make our way into not alot of security no pass words alot of commotion south doors go to stable the only stuff locked up is the cultist. were here for securite then it all falls apart time to kill the cultists they get scarewd when they see blister half orc watching the fight the whole time not joining in hibald throws up a potioninto IB’s mouth i capture lowest ranking guy who cops to the o
Halforc, Bogluck is their contact the halforc. the witches were the look out for the dragon the half orc tellls us reopening the road. i come right on out and say it and scare him we go to talk with grizley pete about a bowl of brown we stake out then fight lizard men and bogluck.he gets caught and fesses up to helping and we try and rest. lizards have nice steal swords treasure est 5000 gp value too bulky we wait it out. 3000 xp total we all get food rest enter the swamp via secret exit trees ansd shrubberies we find path it very difficult terrain 7miles into swamp. then ogre zobies we learned that turn really helps. we go further into the swamp then a black dragon head swoops in beside us then the dragon appears and threatens us says treasure tempting but people might be more tempting. the party from greenrest hmmmmm volgormorth i am the dragon of the mere but im feeling gratious today swamp infested rezomer is in castle nater he has stumbled that belongs to me rezomere oer his consort dralmoorrer Borngray human thAT IS IN CHARGE OF THE CASTLE SNAPJAW LIZARD DUDE going to come with us and fill kill bullywugs go to the castle get the blackmask of the dragon he thinks he might have a ring for merkel. stronger bone binder!!!dwarven came to the mere his essance came wrote sermons severin used to locate the first dragon mask.Rezomer found the sermons took them to severin. we had some himt of the he wants the sermons ring to free the lizards from the bullywoogs they were taking it to castle Nater the dragon says dont betray me Snap Jaw is now with us . an uneasy aliance with the cult burgrayy purple robed dudeis a Dragon SOul. has put the bullywog above the lizard folks. crybald got scared. Snap Jaw draws us a map the marsh has entered it its built well to defend against it. we make pland to tlk with chieftans of lizard folk. large lizard pens. the main gate never closed but there are guards time to infiltrate the leader is phalnx splttergoo snap jaw leads us there we come from we approach the reed hut black Rezomer is female!!!!! the fight is on we kill and make our way to the top hab spliitng bolly wogs as hibald went on a spree worm pur an arrow through the drummer the the thayan and grey beard Bourn grey is taking some worm arrows i get fireballed then hab kills grey! rezomere takes a shot at hab we are also killig splttergoo shaman
long tooth follows and says give it to vulgarmorth on grey ring and jewlrey worht gold.2 mnor healing potions dave gets attacked in the observatory we kill gargoyles and gai and level then we talk about portal with snap jaw 4 crapy healing potions 4 hp for IB we see alot of people drakes 450 gp 520 s 80 plat 22 stones greater healing potionswent to hab we go into a dungeon dank cave lit by lanterns darkess where light falls off no portal then frogs then black dragon statue then stand with book and statue thats broken we mend it and the oath bow book bound in black dragon skin the book almost kills IB Stronger bone binder comes to life. i take out zombies with fire ball follow the river of gold to the castle in the ski. alan tries to choak sera might be a problem we find a library we find a journal of builder swamp encroached it became too secluded the abondened the castle books on sword coast phlosophy astronomy then book on scrying we need to check the telescope. we search roo with tiamat statue find dagger of venom. third floor living quarters living quartes for Wymspeeker Rezomere we find all her rooms sleepin sitting office large closet i take robes wordrobe trapped disarmed no black mask fe find the story of how rezomere tried to befriend the black dragon she studied telescope she tuned it but not much success its tuned to vulgomorth den establishing portal then finds bone binder first she builds portal to elven clan who are friendly to cult she took rituals to find dragon masks she has black dragon mask the other wyrm speakers.& and rouge band of thay. Varram the White is a a consort of rezamere wyrm speaker the masks shold help bring back tiamat severin set the corse to bring tiamat Varme convinced Severin who is the Leader of the Cult. Varem is to take the White mask over Tannis. she also talks portal in the mountains the portal word is Bazoes. We all take robes we find dragon wing robes. we go to look through far seere Hibald looks through gleming and it a treasuer then a dragon head. volgormoth anothe rBlack Dragon thats how he is soo many places they are Twins. Wayrian is the other one they have faked this for years they are worried about us. we go to the portal. we take two books we use portal. we are standing in ecovated ruin its cold large lodge on top of mountain. we are in casual cult gear. dark pine ancient stones lots of standing stones. large house stone areond clused windows roof overgrown smoke from one of three chimneys. two portal where we came out. first bilding looks like small barn stench and sounds four arm troll and a baby dragon. hibald thinks were closeto his home grace pieke mountains he is from south wood. sera kills troll amd many dragonsouls animal carcas 6 ermine pelts full winter wolf cloak with mythral clasp 3 fox pelts we captuer a cultist put him to the question we get him to take us into the lodge to speak with tannis then i see Tallis from my childhood standing before me. she was also an apprentice to elvira now she is here she helped me escape. she asks me what im doing here. have you the book NO then its true rezomere has the book possibly severin. well how do you feel about that. she wants to stop tiamat she makes sence tiamat for tiamat is folly the book has the power join her and gain power hibald challanes her she tells me to kill hibald i say were a package deal we go to talk. i want Rezomere how can i trust you you can but our goals are the you the day rezomere attacked the tower talis crushed on rezomeere she followed her but they did have the book. suprised to see me she will help us kill rezomere but she wants to have the book. kill the red wizards of thay too. Rath Modor top thayan i have no use for the book. she will aid uds we are not a cult we just feel our ancestry she wants the mask as well as the book. maybe the white mask is more you liking im not so confident. and i cant allow the elf to leave. we call him in he says whats done is done. they took wyverins we need to walk. there is a castle outside of parnast been there for six months the pass word is tiamat our mother and strength. we go to waterdeep for a day hibald and worm go to mort the money lender the rest to the tower to speak with the mages. we get wagon and 5 horses 2 to pull 3 to ride also get potions climb and heals i wait and in comes a young woman haznar bowes i bow haznar leaves sera glad to meet you weve been talking about you the lords aliance called a meeting about attacks from cultists unthar frum told them i was pursuing a lead what info, she eavaes to prove she can trust me unthat frum and leosin are with him. i spill the beans. they talked the lords aliance they are worried about the nighbore to the east they think we should go for it dont have alot 5 minor healing and wagon time she welcome me to the tower im worthy!!!! i give her a seeking stone we go back and in to town wagons and horse . tavern stable shrine MIGHTY ice castle 40 high walls lost of fog looks like giants two statues before the gate. stables are closed and a few people hanging around the courtyard a noise from the stablse a bellow they are wyverns and they attack. worm gets them to calm down. hibald family lived in parnast they are friendly to the cult so we go to the tavenr Golden Tankard shit heap of a place mutton chop gets us a room for five gold his. Ragnar Redtooth. we fight i fireball and kill him big fight we level the castle floats off we give chase it has multi level with landing platforms.on wyverns. we enter from a landing into a bedroom with an illusionary wall entrance we kill rezomere then rath the roo that rath died in and the other mage escape the room gargoyles flee with rath modar asberas the thay shoots a fireball at the party 3 scrolls ,staff 2 scrolls lettre from severin connection from thay and cult some reds dont know shit book beyond the iron gated written in infernl its abot summoning tiamat locked chest in rezomere room gems peredot stneds 400 silver dragon heads200 6 moon stnes 50 20 pearls 3000 600sp 200gp 50 pp resomerre simitar has dgagon head hilt i put mask on see all enemies staff is fire ball or wall of fire resist fire scimitar 1 roll 20 steals 10 hp gives to wielderbonus die2 mage armor dimension door feather fall fireball dc 15 at 4th lvl xp 2000ghost giant cloud giANT Escolita she is singing then we chat she says that we dont seem like the others.she says that since the others have come to the castle her husband free him from his enthrallment name is Balgothkus
we make our way to the cloud giant tower disguised tricking the cult blue skin giant with two ogres we kill giant worm kills him singing lullaby chests 12000 gp bag of holding 4000 bars of gold 4000 bars silver Escolita returns when he falls he huggs her and they discorperate. the citadel starts amlessly floating the magic is centralized acts as a fulcrum, we go up stairs and try and intimidate the ogres the shoot sera off the tower with a bastilla two were intimidated.the shooter dies at worms and habs hands the other died by hibald and IB we take the tower feed the palace with magic 3rd lvl magic to steer we discover the helm and use the mask to feed the floating fottress learning how to navigate it before the mask is destroyed sera puts it on to tell those on the other end to kiss it good bye she fails the save and has to have the mask knocked off before she kills the party then every one is fine with draining its power to power the ship/castle… discover secret rooms and passwords then investigate areas finally we fight dragon who almost wipes out party lots of treasure frozen in ice
After waterdeep meeting they want our shit but we win out they want to deliberate and decide how they will help with skyreach

persuing a lead to locte white wyrm speaker from Talis we go visit her, she cared for her but kept her down she had to take mattres into her own hands. lowborn hibald you will neal before me when i kill you. Beloqui is incharge of Skyreach 1 5th lvl mage Alverson cold spells 20 guys guards.
we get potions dragon scales scrolls time to go
on day of departure mastive with party no name yet
dala silmehelve sea of moving ice is last locaton of draco horn
Macath the crimson investigating sea of moving ice last report ice berg flat with hunters with seal skin boats she is gone possibly caught Arauthator is white dragon
Lerurtah half face is our captin the boat is frost skimmer 1 sail or oars 60’ 40 crew
Force Five
Its the day to set sail we have a ceremony Neverember laeral Silverhand give blessing find dracon horn.
We set sail up the cost towards neverwinter past mere of dead men. crew a little edgie we might of seen a black dragon flying in the distance. we pass the mere we Port Leilon resuply there. we get to neverwinter getting a little cold we all pick up heavy coats boots and gloves its been 12 days on ship then noth to luskin 5 more days sea skags we take them out easily. as we leave luskin we know we leave civilization behind. we continue north it gets cold. We travel to the sea of moving ice. looking for iceberg reamed with icy pieks day one no find we pull up boaat on to ice its cold the next day all we see is ice third day we find bones larger than human. we investigate whale and seal bones cuts on bone show they were killed and used. day 4 find more bones they are fresher, day 5 2 polar bears we kill for food, day 6 nothing day 7 cold rainy suckness day8 same rainy crew dispairing day 9 mutany 5 killed crew is now at 35 day 10 better day sun shine day 11 sun shine we catch fish day 12 nothing day 13 fear a mutany thinks were going in circle Day 13 were not going in circle crows nest calls dragon ho flying away from us we persue we loose him but follow heading day 14 ice mass that might have land big mouutain on it. we will wait a week we leave ship and head inland then we sot a yeti time to 6 yeti 1 yeti boss treasure we kill them take them to ship skin and tan day 15 we are rested from fight we get to top and canoe got in to ice grotto that fit the description. we wear yeti hides gives us advantage on snowy stealth check we get in iceberg there is a village its uneven ridges every where block view frozen corpses in a wall 3 luscar warriors 6 hunters 1 dwarfs. village shits in a sheltered spot near the center of iceberg the settlement surrounded blowing snow and ridges some are igloo other tents 20 structures one yert is slightly larger. we case the place and plan to follow the next hunting party we wait stay the night. yeti cave 140 gp, ray of frost 2d dmg we have party with chiftan and chaman they show us secert entrance after dave beats orca heart the bad ass of the klan Chiftan barking seal shaman Bone carver shaman took 4 dragon i gave them 50 m1 more then we go down passage after we try to convince them the dragon pills will help them. we go down the spiral stairs and come to hunter that was diseased untill worm heals him when bone carver cant heal him. ice toads ice trolls terrify him and kobalds the hunter Mend Nets the romm to the south is a larder north is a walk way to room with another exit.we check larder we find gauntlet, broach rope spikes and pulleys belt brass hilt to dualing knife. hall way goes down with ropes. the north room is full of junk we find kobalds i block escape with wall of fire alan shadow step into the heat we wipe out kobalds and use their shoes to help move better. we find walrus tusks 6 then 12 more kobalds hab wipes out 7 in 1 round. 12 kobals tooth shoes then we find frozen frost giants 8 1 fire giant 1 cloud giant leave quicklt then in the hall ice toads frost frogs a dosen toads writing on the walls and tablets we kill two before we get to the hall of toad writers…..white hides working strang writing tablet cubby holes is where they send tabets through. wile we fight we hear loud comotion from where we came from shouting a frog comes in and says stop killing hwy are you attacking my people what are you doing with tablets he says take that up with arenthur. are you undr his controll you dont serve him out of fear but out of porpose he is an interesting creature all serve out of fear including us. sera i think he might of smoiled at me i am maflub were here to kill your master we all laugh. i ask about mekath the chrimson we come seeking her council about the dracon horn dont know about horn.lie…come on now the whole worls heard it. we get attacked by trolls one hits me good they are translucent blue. we kill 4 they lair to the room to the south that was probbably all of them. we talk frog some more i glance at the tablets they appear to journaling of everything notse on ice flows the dragons kills and treasure ledger. then we rest the cleric hears something in the larder from the south he wakes the part. we check it kill kobald then enter a room with white dragons on the walls and a pit in middle the cold is coming from the pit the ground breaks hibald avoids falling anther kobald kochos whats taking so long thn he runs we try and disable the path “are you going to kill the floor or what.” Mekath says are you here to ill me or what the arcane bro hood sent us lets get out of this cold room first. we wok our way around the pit to follow her. she leads us back to her chmber for drinks a large shelter tent are from other tribe 2000 miles away we follow her in stove and lamps tappistries books spells reading stands writing desk from sailing ship mekath sits broach is arcane brotherhood tree. well you must have a way out we have boat how about kill dragon first. i am a prioser here we need to take back the dracon horn humans wearing distintive robes cult took horn she tells us the horn gift from tiamat in war of dragons and giants signal 3 to operate it wraped in bands warns dragons knowledge has been lost through the ages first built to warn chromatic dragons the cult seems to be intent on corupting its purpose. she gives description of dragons lair two entrances the pit and north and now we know the layout of Aranthanot ring of cold resistance and two arrows of dragon slaying. sera takes ring wrom takes arrows. she will wait here to see if we succeed. north room with pit 3 shelves scrools book parchments markings if macial writings all stolen from arcane brotherhood . we hook up pulleys gonna use alan as the worm alan stealthing ive been waiting for someone i take the dragon and almost burn books he springs up hab hits him hard i grab books put them in bag of holding we take it to him in his lair he uses fog then we heal up from cone of cold worm kills it himself. we kill 2 trolls we find 700 gp 1000 silver 20 gems 2 big potions and head and claws we see hunters frozen in ice and when we leave we see their women and children crying and cursing me for the dragon i told her they didn’t listen . we convince ice frogs to go with us we make our way back to frost skimmer and head back to waterdeep on the way when we get supplies in luskan we find out there has been cult raids we promise to tell neverember. we get to neverwinter cult raids all around the city. we avoid mere then to waterdeep when we get there, Leousin is there big things have happined since weve been gone lets go someplace private we head to skyreach there he tells us silverhand has replaced neverember as lord of waterdeep some faction neverember gone we were tought to be going to our deaths i give each crew member 10 gp leosin tails provided a lead on Varrim the white the wyrm speaker is a dwarf. sound as good as any lets go..Boareskyr Bridge is by the serpent hills is last location. he lost the mask emerald enclave are pissed for us killing baby dragon eggs. and might be disappointed in or tactics killing the old white deathall the drugs and death. we return mekath and books to arcane brotherhood we set out on horse with horse shoes of speed 12000 for 4 horses on the third day we encounter the banshees 3 we can see imune to ice fire does half iron beard deals turn on them we make it to the bridge its a land mark immages of cyric and bhl tents wagons and caravans contingent of paladins theocacy of eltugar there is a taventn in tent city and a newly built keep when we ask about the wyrm they send us to bolo female halfling in the tavern we ask the dwarf asked about his businedd he stabbed the tall one they headed for serpent hills they think he is a hero.they think assailant was for scaled folks of the serpent hills. the serpent hills lizard naga trolls and yanti we head out on his trail 12hours of tral following 6 more and we rest then cleric casts locate creature
the we encounter hill giants kill them then find out cropping of buildings.
old town in ruins cave on the bluffs area looks like a central gathering area crumbled hole in the ground 2 statues then 40’ high edifice in the hillside looks like cave. we check the well in the water the monk is attacked by water Trolls? we try to pull him up he almost dies claw and bite attacks runs up wall then i fire a ball water trolls as we sink trolls 2 of them we burn them after forgetting to burn two the we come out in mushroom room tiny red ones and gear we examine bason with pull lever on wall with steps up to it. new room ledge around room knight carved into the wall fighting a cimera the walls start shifting. the chimera mosaic jumps off wall two dimential flat and attacks we chase it down a corridor after it roasts hab we see trap door after we get ran over by a bone bolder it shatters and smell incense the hatch is small one person through at a time the other corridor opens to a room now the smell of death and incense 6 sarcophagi on walls bet its mummy’s final burring place of guards of a king dideirus he was renound seer hibald is looking around the doors double doors then the tombs open and MUMMY’S come out. 6 mummies attack we kill 4 turn 2 then we go rest in the mushroom… we go back and kill the other two then open the double doors to its throne room throne on dias looks like golden sun 12’ tall well muscled male purple toga flowing beard at foot of throne is a pile of treasure. he is unnatural about"ye who wants knowledge from diedrus layt treasure at my feet. 250 gp potion fire breathing we rest shortly and open the doors to the south dusty room shelves and tables looks like old library. no books, as we enter the room the dust swirls. a ghost female appears she is the librarian and asks if they are they are there to steal im trapped out worm asks about the master who’s power was sought out by many this has been his tomb for sometime then sees iron beard and disappears. the the doors are back open. i talk to ghost the pool that gives divination gazing into pool is dangerous with out sacrifice the price is pretty high and maybe evil. snake people naga i offer to give her the book.i we return any of her books we can free her. she slime worm as she leaves for asking the wrong question. we leave the library through west door door says danger to some stairs going down. from where we came then we back track i open upper door long hallway six statues look like wizards bones of a dozen humanoids laying in skeletal forms. we don’t enter we check double doors they look to be bulging outwards they explode we rest while we clear out the debris IB creates food and water we eat and drink before it spoils and evaporates. the second set of doors open to the pool of divination. blood stains dead cultist on the floor carved on walls strange carvings two giant birds flying into two towers rabbit fighting demon strange words iron beard broken arrows coming from double doors cultist is dragon and was killed by a dagger. worm notices dragon toothed dagger. hibald opens east single door down a hall he hears discussions but cant understand but sounds like sera knows it. they are speaking infurnal about thier master was dead boss said to wait but he is dead the other said dosent matter thier orders to varrim.hibald kicks open the door and i say who is talking caus verry else id dieing its 5 barbed devils we chat they ae here to kill those coming up stairs we fight 5 barbes kill all but one he tries to talk devil serves Zariel arch duchess of avernus she want tiamat unleashed varim was here to find the mask. we kill him after we talk. the worm speaker summoned them to guard the passage he was here to get info from pool with a human sacrifice hence the dead body. wanted to know where the mask was. we enter diderans bed room when we check the room we get attacked by spectures and wraiths. we pause in sera and her wall of fire we kill them and find book trans substantiality across poentialities chest has silk robes the pitcher and goblet a vaper comes from pitcher it is magic and works with goblet we rest i try the concoction makes me revived and healthy resistance to poison once a week we return books to librarian she is relesed from her sojern if we use pool ithout sacrifice is dangerous if we ever meet dierdrus treat him with respect. i get my book back we find stone sarcothigus lost gods of Neril and anauria on the wall booming you approach diedrus i know what you seek be prepared for i shall open the way to perrel. when the secret door opens lots of lizard folk pour out. i cook them with habs help we give chase find snake men and more lizards in a bridge that drops to nowhere the snake men are yanti. walls seem to ungulate in the manner of a giant snake to the left the bottom room yanti carvings, armor statues and pictures of their gods on the walls it smells like snake and i hear hissing hibald sees snakes on the statues and armor we fight them and lizards then a female liz comes out and calls for us to surrender we tell ehr were looking for varim she leaves then returns and says her mystress will talk to us. so we go with her she akes us to a chamber with large dias wih an alter and three statues on each wall giant stone serpents with green flame out of thier mouths varim is there slumped over in a daze on the dias are two yanti abonoations giagantic it a temple to snake gods. w trade 3 500gp gems and wine and 20 dragon drugs for the dwarf and Yanti poison the escort us back to where we came. we rest heal the dwarf varrim and hibald has a new ring on. the mask was found by head of wym speekers. the dwarf has fallen out of favor the deal he had with a dragon was broken. the mask was taken back to well of dragons. we tell Varrim he better talk more he has heard of us and we have bountys on our heads from the cult. the horn is at the well of dragons there are many dragons and many armies there. Severin wouldn’t allow portals into the well of souls. we will need an army. its a long ride back to water deep we see evidence of raids as we ride we arrive back we are joined by Leousin who implys they have been watching another meeting of the council of waterdeep will conviene. leousin takes the dwarf to the authorities. we go shopping to resupply. and go see black staff. i take books hibald for the cursed ring and hab for magic transferral to his ax from blister.. we go to the tower and speak with the blackstaff greets us warmly glad i got the books back and greatful we rescued mekath she will speak on our behaf at the council. she grants the spell to change the ax dave waits to do it the ring she laughs it provides poison resistancwe but it also has suggestion on it. i leave my staff also.

The Politics of saving Farune
Black staff has offairs to tend to she will meet us at meeting,
Hibald notices we are being followed he tries to slide in behind them he sees them pass an follows then calls to them Assassins!!! big mistake he yells ambush then gets attacked then a baby blue dragon pops up we all take lightning damage glad dave kept his sword we barely make it out alive and have a bad ass baby blue to boot.

We set out to City of Splendors and turn in our weaponds led in to council chambrs were anounced look around they are all there new faces Laeral head of council and Beautiflul woman silver hair metalic blue eyes looks elvish she is a silverdragon she looks at worm and gives him a sideways glance like keep it quiet.
Ambassitor conrad north mountains dwarfs have seen. kobalds and goblind migrating some attacks and stuff though out sword coast
neverember says reports that long saddle attacked mercenarys and others
Delaan adresses and speaks of attacks in high forrest that alot of elves have been hit hard asks for assistance but cut off by Melandragh we dont need assistance. delian argues Mel screams silence Delion looks amberrased.
Lady Silverhand says you guys have much news for us start with journey to open seas
I give them the skinny about everything they listen intently they respond they seem powerful allies unthar frume dosent like that the brotherhood Harpers are excited that we caught Varrim Conrad wants him tried in dwarvern court Dalian says no he perverted natural order he needs to die. i speak up for him lady silver hand says she will take it into account on Varims fate. I dont Trust King Melandragh
She is concerned about armise ammasing at the well of dragons all are concerned Uldr ravenguard says we need to make armise Bronanvil says he need his men to guard thier homeland. I Taklk Remi says we dont even know what we face we need info. thats where we come in. she firms dragons are going to the well. the Lady sais Remi gets Varrim to get info on well from harpers Uldar needs to raise armies sir istival assists he is impressed hopre we dont have to fight a big nasty green one and if you do i hope you fair better than he did worn pops off and worm is removed. I talk up unity Alia is introdused she bears an invitation to send their own rep to Council of Dragons. Lady silverhand says well maybe we would be a good repsenatives to go speak for all the lord aliance she decides we would suit her but we need to leave right away. she turns to me and says we need the metalic dragons with us. i tell untaar to watch the king and give sroll from rezomere to severin
we are approached by Delaan who says to me i know that you urgent matter but i might need your help the king is right the patrolls have helped but they havent ended the reporss might lead to the green wyrm speaker the elf eill show himself has green dragon as ally he has been working with the son Algerath the kings son they think more attacks are immanent we need to travel to a village Altan to look at damage and investigate. we will help we will meet delan in the misty mountains after we talk to the dragon counsel. we get weapons and get ready to leave we head to Neither Mountains 600 miles 2 day flight. so elia turns into a silver dragon adult she seems reserved to take ironbeard but does Elia OTaaryliakkarnos is her name aa we fly we see attacks from cult burned cities villages we arrive in a canion there are four other dragons large gold male Protenthar, Ileuthra is male Brass dragon Nymmurh male Bronze Dragon, Tazmikella female copper dragon,
We are sat down in the middle of them Protanther asks why us. We were chosen for our even handed ness why would we consider the will of the people we are to unpredictable
Nymmurh says we are flawed but our choices are what make us Taz says we keep such mixed company this one has the taint Hibald the ring Ileuthra speaks up and says if we all agree you are to unpredictable what would you have us do. worm says the great king Malorus rode into battle on a gold dragon named, Prothantiax, during the undead cleansing of Pyarados..
“Wasn’t he kin to you, Great Protanther?”
Taz is interested in Hab your wear the skin of a dragon on your back. sorry it was out of necessity you did know that Elia niece was killed by a dragon wearing dragon armor is forbidden hab says its all i have to defend can you help with my defense. she goes to IB Can you get Brawn anvil to apologize about Dragon smoots will he apologize for them. Ib casts Divination. moradin cant make this decision for you but speaking for the attitude of conrad the dragons deserved it. and he would be angry if IB spoke for him. that’s why you are on this quest but i will trust in your wisdom as well. do they apologize or not i cant support them if they don’t apologize to Elia would they apologize to the Dwarfs. IB says Should we proud dwarves ask for forgiveness from these beasts?
I can try to make them apologize but my people are stubborn. I say its not all about dwarves of all the lesser races there is good and bad can we trust your judgement what happened to the dragon masks we destroyed it and foolish that that was if we get any more masks you musts give them to us mealic i promise
Protanther and says to Hibald as long as we are seeking apologizes i want one from the king for the Dragon rage Mytheral zone it caused all dragons to slowly become agitated effect lasts for ten days. Habald says OK Taz says are we are a fan of treasure the cult has raised a hoard we want half. I say it will be small compensation They ask if we might have anything else we have to offer for their aid. Nymyrr we have lost possession of the Oxtalx the book if the lich survives it would be bad it was stolen by some one else, it was stolen by Szasstam a Lich the leader of Thay now we need to kill them too. they go to talk since the dracon horn we have know what going to pass we have enough faith in you that will join the factions under conditions elves dwarfs masks.

We fly back to waterdeep. i go to retrieve my staff. and scrolls potions dave got new armor. IB prays at church
We head to Altan in the Misty Forrest near gray peak mountains we teleport to moutiain lodge then to parnast to look for flying mounts the wyrms that were there when skireach was there. its intact not raided looks deserted no wyrims sow we break out on the way to Forrest. most treats don’t threaten us the woods are full of elves hibald and worn lead us along. we get to woods i call out to elves one finally appears greets us we tell him to help us find Dalaan he hasn’t seen him recently. Altan city in the trees. his name is Alegay hes is a native from Altan he says the green dragon did the damage he has raided before Altan is the only one with survivors. he thinks he saw a Cultist riding the dragon wearing Purple robes. swooped the ground most died then then humans cultist killing all they found leader was swallowed whole by dragon. i tell him we are here to help we need to speak to Galin village warden he was in the thick of the fight and rallied the survivors the dragon unexpectedly retreated. the final thing he says is that galan lost his wife in the fight he is down in the dumps. i ask of malendraugh the king ? he has been sending more patrol’s
Altan is a wood elf settlement it is a wooden tree city like ewok village it has taken some hits. the elves were picked off in the trees by the dragon. we ask about galin they send us to him. the upper village. He seems nervous modest dwelling hung in iron has a raven WELCOME TO VILLAGE HOW CAN I HELP. I TELL HIM WHO WE ARE HE Starts crying i tell him we heard about his wife he balls more i comfort he cry’s and unburdens himself is because he sold out the others villages. after wife he told purple robed man gave info on other settlements he tells which ones. he meet with him and dragon every night we talk ambush what do you talk about he tells them details about area and villages. we with him to get him to hide villages and we set up ambush for wyrm speaker. we gather village tell them to hide ask him where open field with trees and some brush to hide in. we set out to ambush a dragon and his rider Wyrm speaker. marcs tease figure out ambush. As dragon descend Alan knows Elf its Neron Vain son of the king Melondrath thought to be long dead he was exiled by his people for trying to kill king. "he says Your right about my fathers patrolls then we spring the trap hibald fucks the wyrm speaker up the they flee we try to kill them as they flee don’t succeed but we now try to track. then we go interrogate galin about what he said then we plan to talk to dalaan when we get back to altan Galin says he told them their patrol rout. they were killed. the bow and arrow that nerovain dropped we have the arrow looks nice. phenox fletching. we take him to face the music tell his people of his betrayal i did it for all of you but i know i was wrong then kills himself. dalaan arrives to see the guy slit his throat. we explain WTF is going on we tell him about the son take that arrow and put it in my brothers head. dalaan hibald is the only one who can fire the arrow +3 elven arrow Dalaaan will go to talk to father about his sons betrayal. We track untill Sera finds a green mist we follow shimmering mist we find a pool and waterfall where it emanates the surface has same green sheen i check water streachy vines then the dragon attacks gas attack alan is enraged. we fight in its lair its brutal hibald goes down dragon dives in water i persue then an ettin and some other cultists come out to attack the others we get on nervain dave makes him surrender Yiled or Die! we find abunch of elves that were captured and free them.

dragon hord 100pp 1200gp 24000sp 80000cp elves were dragons true treasure elves say thanks for beating green worm speaker you know im right we need a hero not a mercenary which side are you on are you in this fight for treasure or glory Haemir is elfs name. we give elves back the gold. we go with him to Altan he shows us families and gives us purpose helping so they can help them build thier homes and a force to fight back. You truely are the heros he takes us to foutain its flowing with milky substance 6d4+6 only good for two weeks i have one other thing to show you since you are good i think i know some one who would join you in a quest be ready to give them tribute. Griffins Dalaan arrives to see his betrayer brother he embraces us he is very pleased. the green mask is at the well. Dalaan. We ask him to talk to his father about the Mytheral rage being taken down we need to talk to him he is hard to approach a meeting of the councel has been called 3 week from now. we need to deal with malendragh later we need to go tame griffins. Heamir takes us to meet griffins we all get picked by them and make for Skyreach Blagathos is back we need to speak to skycouncil the cast sysem that will get all gints to help the skycouncil startt with Imag frost giant he will tell us where to find sky councel when we mee Rothius dont mention him or skyreach find him in the frozen wastes i ask him him if he likes my belt… hahaha now we go see Selene Lady Blackstaff about what we have
we get speak with animals scroll and i find horn we prepair to go find Imag to the north we take skyreach Imags clan is insied the glacier river mountain. we go yeti cloak we swim in cave kills iB burns alan stuns and we kick ass we all almost get sucked down a vortex worn getting hurt imag gives up and we get feather of location to sky councel we know giants and dragons dont like each other but they have uneasy truce the giant hiarchy is hill fire stone frost clous storm Routhius is a storm giant. we rest then head to skycouncel seraPhia chRMS we seek the help of the giants well you are bold little one but i will hear you WDave sayes all youll end up as courpses he laughs at that and says to be so bold lets find who were working with here the wworld changes then goes mono e mono with Hab hab gets worked but swings again i get in and earn his respect they in us in the fight we intoduce ourselves he intros gekaros cloud Gegrog cloud Viabarg cloud Garus cloud I tell him they shoud be the vanguard My sword has not tasted dragon flesh what say you brothers they all raur we have the giants we tell them Two weeks they will amass army of giants he gives sera a round rock when its time concentrate on this and it will let me know. we rest then head to talk to the dwarfs we travel Mytheral hall after we go back to skyreach we drop down and hide skyreach in the clouds leave griffins in earshot we approached mith hall built on gorge with a bridge going into the side of the mountain we are challanged to id d our selves Ib beard says were here to see the ambasitor on the buisness of moradin He hails Iron Beard i have heard of your exploits why hav you come i have come to ask for the aid of the dwarfs but they are few and they if it looks like theris hope we will come into battle They asked for your apology for their dead kin, but I told them to apologize first. They denied to do it, but still will help the other races in their fight. I’m afraid if you don’t pledge your allegiance you could be the enemies once we slay Tiamat. and why do i trust that i can follow you into battle we go back to waterdeep and prepair for councel meeting. we spent day working on fortification on skirech. we go to waterdeep we fly in as we approach WD we see its locked down heavely guarded. a big line at the gate. the finally let us in after we heal the sick and entertain the kids thr guard hits on me he is going to be at the tips tipper bar later i laugh. Unthar frume wants to see us we go to meet him at the tipsy tipper i hurry meeting along. i tell him we have good news. giants dragons dwarfs and a captured wyrmspeaker. him eyes get wider and wider. then tries to kill us with a demon assassin and cultist dragon wizard were in trouble th fight goes badly the tavern is destroyed the doppelganger is killed dave drops but we get the raise dead on him the wiz flee"s with his two assassins we rest and rez hab takes a min so black staff helps with dragon body Leosin tells us of another porthal they dont know whats on the other side we go to city of spelder we see th counel ambasater conrad neverember with Ryan nightshade melendraugh looks broken thereal unthar is there .lareal gives troop movement every one is enlisting and now we need an update and sera is asked to speak i melandreagh is pissed about the loss and acuses the dragons dalaan says that is not true the returned the treasuer they returned it i only found out your brother yesterday we get malandragh isnt happy no one is happy about giving elia gives dave his dragon armor larial says maybe its best if the elf is the blade and not the mouth what do about eneemy the news is grim remi says gobilins kobalds dozens of chromatic dragons its bad they have a strike force at the portal we admonshed that we shold try and draw less attention fake pass ports french to hide identity there are 12 dragons that can help right away the final bit of business they got comunica youd dont know me but Is kander is a wizard wants todefect doom to all blue dragon mask there in Xanthals tower hand full of wizards guarding it. black maze tower to the south hedge maze to protect it we divy the twelve dragons and fortify skyreach we prepair to try and save the mage we travel via skyreach to the tower. iron beard tries to scry through the mage who isstaring through his eyes at the mask a knock then another guy say im almost done studying he says a little more time. please hurry we send message were close trying to decide how to approach no way but through the maze he has been spotted we have to hurry the maze has a wood gate we get through after we detect traps. he gets to the balcany look for me under the tower this is the key to get in he fights throws someone over balcany he uses hour glass then leaves it behind then goes to fighting inside. we stp into the maze we feel like were somewhere else 12 tall hedges 10 wide concentric circles. we go right walk for 9 rounds then come to a nexus with a giant sundial we re appear there when we try the opposite direction we follow our shadow we find pool 60’ across there is a gemstone floating in the middle i fly to the gem keeping low tentacle wraps me poisoned me and paralyzed me then claws damage me then im pulled under water boh gone staff gone we are fighting 4 lobstrosities who are stealing our shit blink and coc lobstrosties we find spere hag gets it i see 6 potions healing potion x2 wand 3daggers total a gem we continue in the maze we come to large room with two cyclopses in it their frozen they unfreze and play a game with each other then we play throw the rock with them then guess wrong again in room with fountain and deadly flowers that attack hibald when he picks the pearl alan gets poisoned crits and fumbles again i light up the room we fight the plants a log fiery fight we id globe drift globe 60 of it it eminates light floats and follows we come into room with island pagota has 6 pillars a human in yellw robes he is playing toons he bows to us and sits down on a bolder we sit he smiles an iron tea kettel he tries to poison us i kick the tea over and use disintergrate to clear away a piece of the wall he reappears ready to fight we run and get back to compass i fall through we get to next room armor statues we picked wrong. then the maze with the gorgon when i grabbed the gem i could see the illusionary wall then i get blown up by mines we figure out the mazewalking through a hedge we see a dead body by the tower a lang sword beside him. we checked out the sundial and had to go back in the maze we check out 2 daggers wand 2 potions gem. 6 potions healing wand of fear 3 charges recharges at dawn d6+1 cgs per day comand flee or grovel cone 2 charges 60’ dc 15 wisdom fear 1 min save at the end of each turn, the gem is an elemental gem it has mote of energy elemental air brek an summon. scrolls elemental controll potion of growth fire breathing, long sword +1 +1 dagger 6 4d4 +4 we try to rest but the plants wont let us rest. i make a wall and we rest. we get in and find teleportation circles and a key to them we get in room and dragon table come to life with lots of cultitst w have long fight then flee to star room with astronomy room. work place of wizard tomes of strad telescopes crystal lense in cieling we get attacked by three spell casters we find 50 gp and hour glass key! we check out balcany i got all the books bag of holding we teleport to room with three dead bodies one was stabbed trail of blood out of the hall the room is lit with lights we think iskander hit wo with magic blast blood in next room going north three figures one fire two clay they are elementals alan barges in then runs for another hall witha door then throws it open to a large room once a wizard work room lots of stuff a whirlwind thats protesting some gems we get in big fight with elementals i open door to study lots of books wheeled ladder desk with map room hall is like a universe next room is alchemical room room to the left two maddive hour glasses hung by chains so they can flip Iskander is bent over he ius clutching i check out study while iskander is brought back to life map on desk is of elemental plane of fire with city of brass surrounding it. then there is a demon playing chess worm dissappears hibald calls for hep i blown off into space but fly back then i chat it up with the damon Tearz the fair he has fiery light hair he wants out to free him from imprisoned her by master Zunthel from Zunthels tower. iskander has never been down here only once he came down came across teraz but didnt free him what was zunthel doing with the hour glasses he was attepting to manipulate time. i play chess then piss him off he attacks me and we stop we escape he is pissed we let him cool down he tries to convince hibald to let him out we caus all kinds of mayhem ib tries to bind the efreeti im inside the water elemental then flying through space which is a room in the area as awell as habu complete waist of time we get worm the efreti kills elementals leaves we go to balcany to find the blue dragon we first saw at lvl one worm was killes but raised from dead we level up before fight. i put mask on pisses dragon off. i cast fly on all of us and we take off to try to save the town. we fly as fast as we can for several rounds then plan the fight waiting on our dragons and griffins to get where were at to aid us. we figth and with the aud kill it then find out the mask is fake. we find out from him the at the thay wizards have seras book and that it is a dracolitch.


Caliphalestrian grimjim

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