Second Hand Smoke

We take the lead

the fight goes on Your title here…i make fire hit three worm gets hit by crossbow bolt we fight to save Achrneye he died alon with his hirelings we fought and lost we make it to daggerford on day 32 we are glad to be alive walled city medium size 1500 town. plus outlying 500. Beloqui takes us to the happt cow grizzaled old man sir istavul in full armor former adventurer former knight cormyr from the east had dragon cain from the dragon he killed. we chat he remarks about our fight we tell of dragon spear he dispairs about business. a lot of strange going ons lately wierd people on the roads. he is lord of town. I tell him of our troubles. puppy for worm a mastiff. The Harvest House, temple dedicated to Chauntea.
The Morninglow Tower, temple dedicated to Lathander.
Table of the Sword, shrine to Tempus
Fairfortune Hall, shrine to Tymora. The Happy Cow
River Shining Tavern
Lady Luck Tavern The Dragonback Inn we go to the DB inn in there mostly towners. one person of interest female gnome. I tell her about Jamna gleeansilver. we bid her good day after ian gets slapped. we hear the town gossip. the stables is were the caravan has parked many have already gotten rooms for the night. there are wagons hooking up with us 3 each pay 30 gp each to get to waterdeep one of them keeps a low profile joining up with cultists the gnome female joins us. I appologise to the gnome for Ian. we set off day 34 on the morn of 35 Jamna saves Sera from poison sliver of bone that is ment to kill us slowly. I spark up a convo with calvin when we are doing inspection of wagons. he isnt receptive i move on the wagons are carring people and postal stuff noble man with three men at arms. travel all day that night and jemna says we dont want for the same people what are they carring its become more complicated the man that joined them is a red wizard of thay. we need to check a wagon we watch the guards of the cultists the party looks to check the wagon they look she gets booty they sneak back items grabbed are necklaces 2 and a ring. loot from a raid. worth 300ea worn and hibald get necklaces. skull port is under waterdeep subteranian ciyt on edge of underdark city is bad. day 36 camp goes nuts cultist gets killed slashed they are blaming Hab jamna sais lest check the wagon for theft. the thayan chickens out the cultist build pyre and burn the red shirt. the rest of the trip goes quick and uneasy. we have drinks on last night then its waterdeep unlike BG the wagons can go into town we now have wagon 430 gold to split 2 horse o ride 2 to pull we continue working withBeloqui the harper and Jemna the gnome now were in town and trying to tail the cultists the elf thanks hab we follow them throgh good portin of town then wom marks one as we follow tto w warhouse we get good vantage point to observe for a while nothing then a litter arives and gors in beloqui goes to get back up. when he returns he is going to have them marked beloqui says that leousin gives us the 2500 gem we tell him we are staying at Festoring Boil I carry gem to inn its a shit hole. we haggle with keep 1000 xp for tracking. we bonus up. next day bel comes and says they went to skull port they are doing business with the Blind who is a Beholder who was stabbed in his central eye. Half black dragon doing business REZOMER they will help us get into skull port we had two days with 586 gp each we do reserch on skull port reforger ring slavers we will meet with the blind through Harper Mert the money lender black tower mage Maliantor was acolite I gave book to its on dracolitches I have loaned it to them Coldlemort is who we will stay with by fishery we return and Beloqui is setting with jamna we talk Mert has made arrangements tomorrow at 7 pm be discrete in coming need to know where the cult is going he had a fleet and the blind might be their ticket. Jamna is coming with us don’t get me killed. Beloqui takes us around back we go to a room and he pulls the bed and a set of stairs appear this will take you two miles down to skull port. beloqui says not to get killed. we gear up and go about a mile in come to a fork take the left road. we go a lond way we get to skull port. wesee an open cavern tunnels into moutain gas lamps and dull inlmination. we folloow jemna our lodgeing Culdomort is a bugbear he grunts and gives us a decent sized room only one bed and one chair. he warns bar door at night we keep low profile. finally we leave with our gear we head to the blinds head quarters we get to door 4 cloaked guys jemna says we have meeting with the blind.they let us in. leave weapons here hab stays with the weapons we go a ways then we get taken to a large audience hall on a raised platform is a beholder we are terrified he looks at us intently with his eyes our minds tickle he says Good Evening why have you come to me Jemna tells him we have interest in travilers. he says it will cost us two prices here secercy and information what are your terms. he wants 20 slaves how about an errand? there an upity drow elf that is selling drugs on his turf his name is vil’sias kaihiatnice. he runs an snad m club called the cut take him out and bring supply. jemna says someone stealthy go and check out the cut hibald they see no sign of business it looks bad. he is selling the Dragon a drug they check out the alley after a while a drow emptys a trash can and goes back in hibald checks trash booze food parts of human woman. hibald goes back we know drow men go here to dominate other female races. othe rraces kind of starwars cantina jamna learn servs wide variety of peple 25 gp to get in opens at midnight we plan to go scope the place it out sera hibald and jemna 3piece harpy band girls getting torchered some in magic circles people are getting high we get drinks and then we talk with the ilithid for the drug the dragon. we both take the epill chest is hot smoke coming out of our mouth floors are silver and walls are gold. we are the dragon ilithid try the symbol we throw caution to the wind and explore the mind min +1 int -1 wis we go up stairs mark him then i go back down stairs to talk with mindflair hibald aranges a woman he askes if she knows where they keep the drugs in the dungeon she loves her work. Hab has to kill her an the Slave Whore Slayer. then i talk iltid and told him were coming to be a distraction. the I go get Jemna lets get the hell out of there! we get back to our room and report Hibald keeps his… secret. we sell wagon horses $175 the acolite stole my book. i leave a hair pin he is Haznar thrul will talk to her black stAFF WE ARE FUCKEDMert warns us he is a low life he gives us a scroll knock spell. 600xp each 350 gp in valubles in drow barracks we fight and kill the basementt and free slaves then big fight worm kills the boss bacers of defence +2 we find formula to make dragon lots of drugs and treasure. the harpies spit on us we find a safe unlocked 4200 including the blinds reward i have some of the drugs this big half orc Hanomarsh captin of the Falling Star we are to follow him and a case of drow wine. we take long rest.somthing is wrong with hibald. we sleep with bugbear. we meet hannomarsh at the boat we get into long row boats on his boat one rule no light they sail in the dark. we head to the ship. a number of drow paddling the boat. We row out sargath we leave the glow of skull port then it is black. we get on the big ship and set sail we pass skull island then another island with large cliffs we approaching at fast speed it is fake we come out portal two in the afternoon loight blinds us temporarily we are next to the othe rship about five ships away it is the stamping mare. nice cabins whole floor then we roam the ship the captain likes Hibald. he likes to beat up chicks he heard from his sources they launch a drow from catapult. hibald is having issues. I ask where we are going the captain is an ass so i go back down below deck. we are headed to the Mere of dead men the high road used to go thourg it the swamp alwayse seems to follow the road now they are trying to move the road through the sword moutains the mere is full of undead nasty swamp inhabited by a dragon worm says an adult black drago it s name Voaraghamanthar the black death. he seems to be in two places at once. hibald chats with captin he says the cult pay well it a on way trip. he has never seen him likes the swamp we will land to the south of the mere at a raod house then pull ships in then we long boat to the dock then we travel half day to the days pass we travel the coast as we get close we hear yonder come the sisters. we stop sails drop a crow flying around with a human eye in its claw then the deck clears they all hide we have guests ariving. old ladys three come to visit we have come for our toll captin says why volgormorth puts up with they sat we provide some information he says we carry friends she says i wouldnt be so sure about that. the captin sets up up as the sacrifice. they crawl up and we fight alan launches the captin from his catipult we finish the hags they are i find captins body +1 dagger then we launch him we have a party to launch him we drink 4 bottles of wine we are on the edge of the mere uninviting we row in on long boats inland treck to a walled fort we see cult loading last wagon into a warehouse.


Caliphalestrian grimjim

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