Second Hand Smoke

Departing the Keep

Time for some Espionage

We followed the trail of humans, koblds, and reptiles. They were carrying all the loot from their raid so their trail wasn’t hard to follow. We caught up six hours later as evening was settling upon us. Highbald spotted campfire smoke ahead it appeared that we had caught up with the stragglers from the raiders only one campfire was glowing as we approached. The area was wooded and rocky with large rock formations jutting out of the ground. Worm and Hibald scouted ahead Two kobalds were out gathering wood griping about having to eat chicken one was angry that they hadn’t carried one of the corpses from greenrest “Even a young ling human would have been better than those fowl birds the Innate was forcing them to eat.” We plan our attack Hibald made for the weapons that were on a rock near the fire. We Planned to come from the south and ambush them after we called them away from their weapons in Draconic hoping they would think we were raiders too. Our ruse failed and the fight was on! Hibald jumped on the rock making them have to fight to retrieve their weapons. Because of his heroic solo stand we made short work of the camp. Some of them tried to flee a human cultist was the only one to survive my magic the rest died before they could alert anyone of our assault. We interrogated the Man and gained useful knowledge , He was an Innate other ranks in the Cult of the dragon were Dragon Claw, Dragon Fang,Dragon Soul, and Wyrm Speakers, the latter consisted of the highest ranking members. There were roughly two hundred in the raiding group, not including the slaves they had captured. Mercenaries Kobalds and cultists, all following A Cult Priestess names Frulam Mandath. Rezomer is her master he is one of the five “leaders of the many,” and is a half Black dragon. The four others each represent the other chromatic heads of Tiamat. The Blue Dragon Cyan that attacked the city was hired as a diversion to help the cult raid the city. He was reluctant to help, but was persuaded by Frulam and Rezomer, it is likely he will not be a threat to the city of Greenrest anymore. The Cultist have a camp set up in a valley six more miles north. An enormous crater in the valley has a cave that is used by the cultists Our Prisoner wasn’t sure what was done in the cave. Also there was an ambush sight set up two more miles north. The cultists had set up a rear Guard to cover them from attack or being followed. /// 10 gp in shit go back give prisoner ride horses back then attack the ambush splooted the ambushes took cloths tunics flared black mantles and are wearing them as dinguses. just getting dark we ride to the base another hour its dark slight glow in the distance over a ridge there is a bluff we look over the bluff highbald and worm horse platau 150 feet above we see the camp no one coming from the cave is guarded every one eating about 200 raiders we make plans ranger on hill with rope I get advice from worm Rezomear black dragon black breath air water acid breath great winged fighters i turn dragon borne as we go in tents to north kobalds south have human mix we infiltrate get to the monk and drop a name then knock out drunk and hang him in the monks place heal him and make for our escape.climbing the rope iron beard has trouble. horses run we have to foot it. cleric coins our catch phrase Freedom Force Five we make it back at 4 in the morning. we get 250 from gov public accolades all around monk tried to get caught he came to get info they were brutal to him Frulam had noticed him cult alot weren’t full fledged members hunters bring in food they eat and feed hatch lings small raids for treasurer surprised that he was kept alive that the plunder was stored in the cave almost lost tome from Elvira he is traveling noth to elturel to convey what he has learned to ontharr frume paladin of torm who shares his interst we need to re infiltrate get in the cave wants to know any movement we return to a deserted camp. time to go cave we aks where they went rezomer ordereds every one out morning after we stole monk the appaer to have broken into groups. horses ran from dragon smell now are nervous about cave ranger takls to horses


Caliphalestrian grimjim

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