Sera Phia

Female Sorceress


beautiful and deadly. good heated, but merciless to those she sees as monsters.


I was raised by nuns in an orphanage my parents killed before I ever knew them. One day a woman came and bought me for service. Her name was Elvira and she was a great wizard. I worked for her through the rest of my childhood. One day she called me to her study and had me touch a large gem, she said she thought I might have magic potential. I did and for the next year I trained as a sorcerer and studied alchemy as well as the many books in her library. The tower we lived at was tall and guarded by two Iron Golms. Then it was all gone.
I’m on the run after my Master Lady Elvira was savagely murdered by a sword wielding Dragonborn mage! He took some books and the gem that the lady used to identify me as spell marked. Fortunately the tome he wanted was with me, I had borrowed it to see how difficult it would be to decipher. I was in the basement when the attack took place and managed to escape detection. I then took the Tome (that I still cant read), and struck out on the road! There is no doubt that its just a matter of time before they figure out that the apprentice has the tome. For now I have taken on a more normal form, and have hired on as an escort For a fat Merchant named Teah Baggerd. We have spent the past days traveling the hills of the sword coast headed to Greenrest. The money isn’t as important to me as the need to not draw attention.

Sera Phia

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